This course aims to develop your research paper writing skills, such as constructing creative and interesting theses, finding research materials in the library and on the web, organizing coherent and logical ideas, and making persuasive arguments. You will apply your skills to the materials we explore in the class. Be sure that this is a reading and writing class. You are expected to read and write a lot on your own. Your instructor will not be your reading and writing slave!! Although we may discuss our reading, the purpose of our discussion is to provide a common ground for your term papers. We expect you to learn to read your primary source closely, to use the research resources in the library extensively, to complete all take-home assignments on time, and to participate actively in classroom discussions. Finally, we encourage you to process critical thinking in reading literature as well as writing about and criticizing literary texts, and we also hope this course can help you prepare for your future coursework as well as your graduate school application.