Integrated Technologies for Research, Presentations and Publications: Latex, Markdown, Bibtex, Pandoc, KnitR and R

The course intends to present and train the usage of the currently most advanced and integrated environment for scientific publications available as free and open software. Creating text documents, text fragments, quotations and bibliographies in a txt-based markup, i.e. either latex or markdown, text pieces can be automatically combined, re-used, modified, annotated, associated with footnotes and transcriptions, as well as connected to datasets which can be dynamically turned into always actualized tables, graphs or statistics. First drafts of papers can be automatically complied from presentations or vice versa, saving precious time and helping to prepare highly structured documents.
The course targets students at an early stage of the publication of reports, papers and theses, with the intention to produce high quality, re-usable documents in a minimum amount of time. Learning these technologies is a life-investment into the scientific and academic career, allowing those who master these technologies to focus on content and research and reducing the workload for presentations and publications to a surprising minimum. Course participants are required to work on private lap-tops on which latex, Pandoc and R can be installed. The usage of Unix-like open source operating systems, such as Linux and FreeBSD, as the natural environment for these technologies is very much encouraged.